The simple fact is that today, we as a nation, failed to protect our children — that’s on all of us.Ben Brooks

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Every single one of the names listed here needs to be remembered. As I publish this it has been less than a week since the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting. media attention has shifted to the looming 2012 Fiscal Cliff. What attention remains is focused on the political situation with gun laws and mental health care.

Those are very important issues. They need discussion. They need action. It needs to be done quickly.

That said, I am not sure how to prevent this type of evil in the future. I have no answers. I only have heartbreak, and fear, and sadness, and anger, and disgust, and a sense that the world is not the same place it was a week ago. What I can do today is honor the names of the children. I can honor the names of the teachers that gave everything to protect them. I can try to make sure I personally memorize these names.

I invite you to do so as well.


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